Top Mortgage Refinance Company in Metairie

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We have a remarkable team on board that love helping customers. 

Our team consists of: 
Lora Dillenkoffer-Nelson, CAPM, President. Loan Originator, NMLS# 129542.
Lora is innovative and is always looking at new ways to help her customers. If there is a program that Divine does not have, Lora will make it a plan to get that program at Divine Home Mortgage to help her clients because all clients are family. 

Angela Dillenkoffer, Vice President. Loan Originator, NMLS# 101123
 Angela is forward thinker and problem solver. Her team members will come to her to help solve some of the hardest problems. She has been in the mortgage business since 2005 and have been in real estate helping their mother, Annie D even before then. Clients come to Angela because she is a problem solver. 

Roslyn Muse, NMLS # 91747. Loan Originator
Roslyn has been in the mortgage business for quite some time. She is great with self- employed customers and much more. 

Kaci Carpenter, NMLS #2077661.
Kaci is newer to the mortgage world. She is a Loan Officer and a mortgage processor. She can multitask both the processor world and the origination world. She is the right hand man for Divine's Loan Originatiors. She is quick on her feet and organized. 

Vy Bui, NMLS #2376168

Vy is newer to the mortgage world. She is a Loan Officer and a mortgage processor as well.She started the business with a huge following and she is bilingual.

Give her a call today. 

Lidia Berthelot, Bilingual Ambassador.

Lidia has been in the mortgage business for 15 plus years. She markets Divine Home Mortgage to the Spanish world. She can help our team with any hurdle when it comes to the translation. No customer is left behind because she is always on our tail with memorization. 

Divine Home Mortgage, LLC is always planning on adding new potential to the team. Feel free to contact Lora personally @504-261-7754 for any interested party.